Save up to 80% of your time and money with accurate EHS compliance.

With smart data, you can accurately populate compliance requirements in an EHS Software system or compliance calendar in mere minutes, versus days or weeks. Bring in the legal analysts and experts only when they are needed.

How it works

Our patent-pending AI engine automates the interpretation and extraction of your EHS regulatory requirements and action items. Through Machine Learning, we exponentially increase your productivity and accuracy. 



ehsAI scans your documents from any and all regulatory authorities.



In just seconds, our patent-pending machine learning algorithms generate an indexed list of compliance action items for your team.



Each item is mapped out to each regulatory citation and permit condition that affects your company.



Upload your critical ehsAI data into any EHS compliance workflow. Save time. Save money.

Upload critical ehsAI data into industry leading EHS Software platforms such as Cority, Enablon, Gensuite, Intelex, ProcessMap, and VelocityEHS or export the data in commonly supported cross-platform formats.

The benefits


ehsAI can process compliance documents in addition to regulations. These include permits, operating procedures, policies, consent decrees, and more.


ehsAI processes content in minutes and drastically lowers the cost of identifying compliance requirements by up to 80%. Saving you time and money.


ehsAI is more accurate than human interpretation and standardizes compliance requirements across an entire enterprise.


ehsAI treats each document as a whole entity to help eliminate duplicates and identify all requirements. Every single one.


ehsAI identifies individual requirements and obligations. Even when more than one are present within a single citation or permit condition, you’ll be given a detailed output report.

Easy integration

ehsAI seamlessly integrates into any EHS compliance workflow with easy to download and file reports.

Change is inevitable when it comes to EHS compliance: modified regulations, site conditions, mergers and acquisitions — it’s never-ending.

Take the guesswork out of compliance and save your team time and money.

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